IMDS & Regulatory Compliance Management for Global Automotive industry

Growing environmental concerns & regulatory compliance requirement forces automakers and supply base to report materials/substances used in products and monitor/avoid/eliminate usage of restricted/prohibited substances above the allowable thresholds. MP Quality Ltd provides complete end to end services and solutions to manage IMDS. The range of services MP Quality Ltd provides are listed below:

IMDS Data entry

  • Creation of Material / Substance tree in IMDS accordance to your product’s Bill of Material or Chemical MSDS datasheets
  • Appropriate usage of suppliers data in case of supplier material or component
  • Proper material classification, part marking and application answering based on provided information through part drawing or layout specifications.
  • Data sheet preparation according to customer standards or organization norms

IMDS Customer reporting & project management

  • Sending/Proposing/Publishing IMDS to your customers & making up PSW/PPAP timing
  • Analysis of customer material requirement and cascading information to Product development community
  • Managing the customer request queue, planning of component/material IMDS reporting from supply base and to customers.
  • Highly adaptive to fast changing environment of Product information and engineering changes.

IMDS supplier management

  • Follow-up with your global supply base to report their products IMDS to your company
  • Data quality checking of IMDS reported by your suppliers and decision making of Accepting or Rejecting suppliers IMDS based on your company’s PSW/PPAP & your customer’s PSW/PPAP/material specification requirements.
  • Develop suppliers to leverage skills to manage IMDS reporting.
  • Communicate your organization requirements and conditions for PPAP/PSW signoff and ensure IMDS is reported per standards set.

Product Compliance Research and Analysis of Assemblies/Components/Materials

  • Compliance management by analysis of Materials for thresholds of substances (prohibited/restricted etc) used and providing reports to product development engineering for better design. Examples are heavy metals like hexavalent chromium compounds, lead and its compounds etc. Based on Customers specifications (Ford RSMS, GMW3059, VW91101, DCX, Toyota TSL, Nissan NES etc) or other regulatory requirements like GADSL, Canada harmful substances list, California banned substances etc.
  • Keep your organization informed about the changes in regulatory requirements arising in global automotive & electronics industries

IMDS-Client management

  • All internal administrative requirements of managing Login creation, deletion, user rights management, data upload/download management can be executed smoothly and no/minimum interruption from your company.

Confidentiality and assured professional service

  • Your company information would be safely guarded and classified highly confidential.
  • You can expect the best professional service and on time delivery According to your company’s requirements MP Quality Ltd would provide best service at global standards.

Your company’s requirements could be of any kind below and our service would be tailored for the situation at your company.

  • Your company has defined set of product with no major changes and you need to prepare IMDS for it.
  • Your company has wide range of products and there are frequent changes to the product based on customer requirement and preparing IMDS is complex.
  • Your company has not dealt with IMDS before and you are not sure of the changing requirements. Its difficult to cope up with IMDS requirements and frequent changes.
  • Your company is a global organization and its difficult to centralize all IMDS operation in one centre.
  • There is less lead time to complete reporting and compliance checking.


Rest assured, you are with the best service-providing partner. Let us know your requirements by email or telephone.